Thursday, March 18, 2010

Verb swifties


"It's worth more than that, but I guess I'll take it," Tom assented.

"I think we've crossed into Arkansas," Tom stated.

"I really couldn't stand that lousy newspaper job anymore," Tom expressed.

"I guess I couldn't eat just one after all," Tom relayed.

"It's corked," Tom whined.

"Actually, my membership has been reinstated," Tom rejoined.

"These are the first words I've spoken in ten years," friar Tom allowed.

"I'll have the saltimbocca plate yet again," Tom revealed.

"She must be warm and cozy in that coat," Tom inferred.

"The cruise ship has returned," Tom reported.

"Now I can see you much better," Tom delighted.

"It was an eventful day, when they had to reattach my arm," Tom remembered.

"And two more makes six," Tom added.

"OK, maybe I don't know how to do all those things," tom recanted.

"Yes, I am employed in the private sector," Tom affirmed.

"Can I have one of those candies with the chewy caramel center?" Tom entreated.

"Yes, there is a corporate logo on my glove," Tom admitted.

"Why don't people see there are better ways to get around besides by car!" Tom railed.

"There's no need to call an electrician," Tom refused.

"I'm sure this ledge can hold my weight," Tom erred.

"Show me your license and registration, sir," Tom demanded.

"Watch out for that tree!" Tom barked.

"Hang on, hang on, I still need to get my clothes on," Tom panted.

"I see the whites of their eyes now!" Tom incited.

"I'm getting up now," Tom lied.

"I still think my cake is much better," Tom retorted.

"My breath is much fresher now," Tom asserted.

"Well, I guess you paid me back last time," Tom relented.

"I'd like to take some photos of you," Tom proposed.

"This kind of mousetrap is inhumane," Tom debated.

"I'm ready for the figure skating competition," Tom informed.

"I'm so pleased with this award for best-dressed woman at the dance," Sally addressed.

"This bra really improves my figure," Sally pointed out.

"This diet works great," Sally expounded. "It didn't work so well for me," Tom announced.

"We'll teach that Saddam a thing or two!" George inveighed.

"Ve're goink to block dat bulldozer until dey come to dere senses!" Moish inveighed.