Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the level playing field revisited


Professor Tobis I will not be in class tomorrow, Wed the 21st because I just started my job at target. They scheduled me to work for toworrow afternoon to take their cashier's class. Because I am new I can not call off but I informed my supervisor today that I can not be scheduled for Mon or Wed next week because I have class, so they have to change my schedule. Apparently certain supervisors give the classes certain days and so I can not ask them to schedule a private session for myself. I realize tomorrow is the quiz and was hoping to be able to reschedule. Although missing class is for a personal reason I need the job to finish paying my bill to Loyola for this class. I am sorry for this inconveinence. Please let me know if I can reschedule my quiz time. I can come in early next Monday. I appreciate your patience with my schedule as I realize other students and yourself are also working hard to attend class. Again I am sorry but I have no choice, I need this job to pay for school.


coby said...

But just how sad? You don't tell us if you will let him reschedule or not.

Post secondary education in the US seems ridiculously expensive from all I pick up.

mt said...

I guess it wasn't obvious why I felt like keeping that email around. The problem is that this was a poor person from an urban inner city school who was having trouble with the course in the first place.

It's sad enough that a person from such a background is paying tuition at all.

For me, though, the outrage is that Target doesn't feel any compulsion to defer to the University, so the University is left deferring to Target.