Tuesday, April 01, 2008

So Hip It Hurts


I bought a Scion xD because it seemed practical and comfortable. I wasn't trying to be brash or act other than my age. I just wanted a car.

Apparently this makes me so hip it hurts. Or so unhip I can be hip by accident. Which is the same thing I guess. Somebody in Chicago was amazed by the thing, wnted to talk about it and figure me out like I was riding Ken Kesey's bus.

The fact is just that apparently I am missing some neurons. It looks exactly the same as any other hatchback to me. I prefer to buy cars from Toyota because their stuff works. I got a silver one because the red color was even uglier.

I like the steering wheel controls of the audio system, but the dash controls of the radio are among the worst user interface designs I have ever seen, and I used to run Windows 3.1 . The roof is too low and the vertical extent of visibility a bit cramped. Everything important works, and it works great for small Ikea runs. City mileage isn't great compared to the Prius but it's really pretty good on the highway.

Update: Luigi refers to its "bug eyes". The headlights are indeed a bit distinctive. I rarely approach the car from the front though and I really hadn't noticed.


Dan'l said...

I've always liked the Scion, and would probably own one myself if we were not on such a "green" agenda here, requiring ownership of some sort of hybrid. Good for you. It is a very hip car.

Michael Tobis said...


The point is I wasn't trying to be hip. If I knew it had that many hipness points associated I wouldn't have considered it. I'm not trying to make a statement. I'm trying to get to work.

kc said...

'yotas run almost forever w/ maintenance, don't know about a hybrid yet for my purposes, i still drive a good used one until they drop.