Saturday, September 13, 2008

CCSUSA Wastes Your Tax Dollars Bothering Me

Somebody named Benjamin something-or-other owes somebody money. A credit agency robot calls me at work every few days. It has stopped warning me sternly not to reply if I am not Benjamin, but it offers me no way to shut it up.

Today, I went to the website to enter Benjamin's account number and my office phone on their website, but it refuses to let me through. It says 

"Continue button will be enabled when form is completed."

but it isn't. Perhaps it's just bad HTML that only works on Explorer? I am pretty sure I got the account number right. They also gave me a telephone number to call. Every time I have called it it is busy, except today, Saturday, when it urges me to call during business hours.

Oh. It is bad html. Firefox 3 succeeded where Safari did not. However, to get anywhere I had to read past the place where they told me to avert my eyes if I am not Benjamin. It turns out this is about a debt of a bit less that $400.

Now I suppose this isn't costing them very much. But as my employer, do you think this is a good use of my time? I think it constitutes harassment. They ought to make some effort to see that I am actually the person they are calling.

In the private sector I could assign clerical staff to track this down.

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