Saturday, September 05, 2009

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  1. Anti-urban pro-suburban sprawl policy from Obama's FHA ???
  2. Thoughts on developing better collective immunity to bullshit [blogged]:
  3. RT @Daniel_Baylis The video of the great Montreal bagel giveaway...
  4. No one should die because they cannot afford health care; no one should go broke because they get sick. RT if you agree.
  5. RT @BoraZ via @LeeBillings Seed Q&A w/ Stewart Brand on why traditional environmentalism won't fix Earth: Don't miss!
  6. Fancy Fast Food. They aren't kidding, either.
  7. RT @TheOilDrum @TheCostOfEnergy BP’s find, peak oil, and you [cold water on BP's new oil find] Good piece Lou!
  8. @thingsbreak Sorry to have a disagreement. I would like to know what you mean by accommodationism. See blog comments
  9. Woohoo! 140 characters on the first try!
  10. There are advocates aplenty on both sides. What we need is a revitalization of communication between science and society.
  11. @KHayhoe thanks for DM; can't reciprocate unless you follow me. Watch your email for invite to mailing list. I blog here:
  12. RT @zumayabooks RT @DaysInnAustin: Twitter accounts every Austinite should know #Austin #ATX
  13. @tweetingdonal no idea; report is not informative. Here is a good place to start on the carbon cycle perturbation issue:
  14. Search SciAm for michael tobis, get offered "michael tobias". Search for "michael tobis" w quotes, get offered "michael biscuit".
  15. @gmusser trying to find your article on "consensus" from SciAm site and failing. Search SciAm site for "george musser": interesting result.
  16. Searched for "george musser" on & got: Your search ... resulted in 0 documents. Did you mean "category mosquito"?
  17. @pogue's twitter book may be the funniest single book ever published. Thanks for including me!
  18. RT @Texaplex It was so hot in Austin today I saw a dog chasin' a rabbit and they were both walkin'
  19. Ed Maibach talks in DC tomorrow re #climatechange outreach. (via @jfleck) Wish somebody would blog it.
  20. NYTimes editorial supporting national security arguments for restraining CO2 emissions #climatechange h/t Joe Romm
  21. @emptywheel nice comment re reporters & liberals; what about conservatives in your opinion?
  22. RT @emptywheel Reporters and liberals are both advocates for their own epistemology.
  23. No need to love Greenpeace (I don't) to be bothered by the echo chamber lie about them, started by a BBC interviewer
  24. Toxic discourse: Making mountains of molehills that don't even exist. Greenpeace Greenland kerfuffle blogged:
  25. RT @EnergyCollectiv Geoff Styles defends tar sands pipeline
  26. Evidence the science journal system is broken: "How to Publish a Scientific Comment in 1 2 3 Easy Steps"
  27. Boycott of Whole Foods because you (and I) don't agree with Mackey's opinions is an ugly, polarizing idea. Blogged:
  28. 13 national science academies joint stmt: essential world leaders agree on emission reductions h/t @thingsbreak via email
  29. Brilliant, clear explanation by Tamino of the evidence in observational record supporting human-caused global warming
  30. Big #climatechange story @YaleE360 Large Plumes of Methane Discovered Off Spitsbergen in Arctic Big, big badaboom story.
  31. RT @ianbicking healthcare system is individually moral and rational while systemically immoral and irrational-similar to many fucked systems
  32. thanks to @thingsbreak for pointing to "James Fallows explains how the media enables liars" journalists take note PLEASE!
  33. I saw TX official tell a public meeting 8/7: TX natl gas prod'n has NEVER impacted groundwater, no need for feds. But !
  34. @PA32R usually I agree but that was a ROFL moment for me
  35. Maher: Obama's B-ball said I'm urban & athletic & hip & a team player; golf says I like Lipitor and white collar crime.
  36. @350 I've never understood how y'all propose to run CO2 history in fast reverse. Is there a quantitative plan for getting from 400 to 350?
  37. Wonder why economically viable oil and gas fields are called "plays". e.g. People who get $ think it's all fun & games?
  38. @NOConsensus : several errors of substance in your last linked article. Do you care whether what you link to is true?
  39. Web 2.0 for Planet 3.0? Requesting commentary on initiative to improve connections between science and society.
  40. Saw perfect 4 ft wingspan hawk by my house! Cool huh? Small-house urban nbhd 3 mi from TX Capitol. Drought refugee I guess. #atx #water
  41. NYTimes tracks a false rumor to original lie. See, @revkin , it can be done, this is what we need on climate nonsense.
  42. Finally some spine from the media. CNN tells it like it is on ridiculous euthanasia story. Via TPM:
  43. Healthcare & decline of discourse: Instead of arguments unrelated to reality, arguments that are the opposite of reality.
  44. @thecostofenergy Lou! Thanks for the support! Conversation on the article has been vigorous & I'd welcome more input from you.
  45. @cmcavoy second best would be if it backfired badly
  46. @cmcavoy Obviously need tighter control of the meetings in case teabaggers show up, but my real preference is for them 2b civilized
  47. via @BoraZ good anti-MSM rant: "Serve the community. Don't publish crap. Tell folks stuff they might not want to hear."
  48. If disruptive tactics work as claimed in then public discourse on serious issues is only going to continue to decline.
  49. Very dangerous. USAToday: by 3-2 margin townhall protests make independents more sympathetic to bill opponents.
  50. +1 RT @abhishektiwari Do academic journals pose a threat to the advancement of science? (also, fire the headline writer)
  51. RT @EnergyCollectiv reprints my "End-Times and the Anti-Morano"
  52. #NN09 #climate Don't miss Lou Grinzo's response on my article at "Coordination is needed." Good thought.
  53. @kgrandia @plutoniumpage suggests I point you at Relevant to your panel. Wish I were there.
  54. #NN09 #climatechange re web2.0 vs propaganda Please see my blog at . Looking for a modestly funded way to contribute.
  55. @dcarli They did claim they can recover and distill most water they use. Also claimed it is about 1% of TX water use, will stay under 5%
  56. @dcarli Funny they didn't mention the benzene at the conference last week. Shale nat'l gas a big trend; needs attention.
  57. RT @dcarli Water use for drilling & "fracing" active wells in the Barnett Shale equates to annual average water use for ~185,000 households
  58. To @plutoniumpage happy you found your laptop. Wish I could be at climate panel, as I ask relevant q's in my blog today.
  59. Why are efforts to promote climate science over misinfo ineffective? What can be done? Can web 2.0 help? blogged:
  60. The pythonista's complaint: RT @nabicht I miss programming -- I was really hoping that would take longer
  61. @blogger is hosed . They are "aware and working on a fix right now".
  62. So who should print it? RT @DonBlankenship When citizens print money it's “counterfeiting”. When government prints money it’s “stimulating”.
  63. Glad Kloor thinks me thoughtful, but I don't welcome hordes of denialists on my blog; makes discussion redundant, dull.
  64. Far as I know, the closest @revkin has ever come to acknowledging my existence (grumble): Interesting q at issue though.
  65. RT @MattGlazer via @byjayroot TX Gov. Perry claims residency in two cities, may pay tax refund for homestead exemption in College Station.
  66. Mackey in WSJ: plausible alternative to D health bill. Why don't opposition go w that instead of lying and fearmongering?
  67. RT @cshirky: @Rushkoff on @Edge: "To treat the market as to deny ourselves access to its ongoing redesign."
  68. @thingsbreak Um, why me on that MBA question?
  69. RT @GregMitch (& others): Loudest boos of @clairemc when she says "I believe global warming is real." -> There's an alternate news universe.
  70. Cool. Picked up @theAGU as follower! See several other worthies on their follow list. Nice place to look for serious earth science twitfolk.
  71. Hrynyshyn: Canadians recognize attacks on their health insurance system as fictitious. Can this help them understand climate denialism?
  72. James Hrynyshyn ("The Island of Doubt" blog) also notes similarity betw town-hall disrupters' & climate deniers' tactics
  73. RT @TexasObserver Doggett Bests the “Teabaggers”
  74. Clim Depot spins a massive mirage of scientific contention re climate change. I gripe here:
  75. @PA32R I'll read whatever you submit & if I don't like it for blog I'll let you know. I only purge rude or stupid or insane or spam usually
  76. @PA32R Wonder if you are paying for improved health care or for financial shenanigans in the home office in Connecticut?
  77. @PA32R Ordinarily I'd advise show up at your congressman's town hall meeting to advance interests of small close-held employers. But...
  78. @PA32R I read every comment w/ "Canad" in it. #3 is answered in #44 and #90. There are strong confounding factors in culture & econo
  79. @PA32R "but is the point correct or incorrect": which point? ID comment no please.
  80. @PA32R Looked. I guessed wrong. All the comments about Canada seem non-fake up to & including #96, which is the last one so far. Agree #90.
  81. @PA32R 5 will get you 10 this writer is every bit as Canadian as "Leonard Euler" is a PhD and bill's "end of life consulting" is euthanasia.
  82. Always struck me odd how the US w/"benefits", supposed to be the most entrepreneurial society, penalizes risk, vs countries w/"health plan".
  83. Job related "benefits" a key cause of American decline. Ask GM, too.
  84. @PA32R U don't know lots of smart, creative people holding onto disliked jobs better suited for younger people only to hang onto "benefits"?
  85. +1 Arthur Benjamin's formula for changing math education: short TED talk. h/t @danwhnt
  86. RT @dangillmor Another reason to fix US health system -- current system blocks entrepreneurship among over-40 crowd
  87. #followfriday Some zen heroes rediscovered on Twitter @ZenBastard @billmckibben @DougCoupland @johnperrybarlow @psaffo @bruces @hrheingold
  88. @dcarli and @PA32R yes, I mentioned Yudkowsky's singularity hangup in my blog homage , but he is wicked smart anyway.
  89. "Surrender to the truth as quickly as you can". RT @dcarli "The Twelve Virtues of Rationality" by Eliezer Yudkowsky
  90. I lost a complaining follower for burst of a dozen tweets this morning, but check what @owillis has come up with in the last hour!
  91. Swag bag has "clean coal technology for Texas" logo. Will have to keep it at worksite. Still. CCS had better work! Koonin says CCS or nukes.
  92. Geologist asks why CCS unrepresented in future net C emissions scenarios. Speakers ducked Q.
  93. Young S Asian woman says environmental imperialism charge is getting traction in developing countries. Koonin replies think global.
  94. Gleick like Koonin ends up at equity vs growth
  95. Human water needs not a scarcity problem but industrial and big ag demand reaching limits
  96. Water works largest energy consumer in California
  97. Saving the very poorest not a huge technical or financial problem just politics and will
  98. Peter Gleick tells similar water story. Globally 2 bn lack safe drinking ware and or sanitation. Meanwhile profligate use in west esp'ly USA
  99. Busines needs price predictability
  100. For CO2 go after stationary sources
  101. Battery tech crucial for transport
  102. Per capita oil imports $1k per cap per yr
  103. Greenhouse problem dominates non transport energy supply dominates transport. Koonin says think about these separately.
  104. Koonin doesn't think oil production will crash soon but most reserves in problematic countries. Oil issue is transportation.
  105. 2 bn people enrgy poor can't cook or light not expensive to fix
  106. If world consumes at present US level total consumption is 6x present without any further growth in US
  107. DOE undersec Koonin says 2 kinds of sustainability. 2nd kind is sustainability of US consuming more than others
  108. Waxman wants federal regs for this tech but TX commisioner (pleasant fellow speaking) opposed claims zero historical groundwater impact
  109. Energy water mtg: TX natural gas production new tech very promising except waste water disposal. Redistillation feasible
  110. Swiss town committed to pray for glacier retreat but program too successful. Petition Pope for polarity change on prayer
  111. RT @mims stuff scientists tell me off the record suggest science is a much more human (fraught) enterprise than it appears from the outside.
  112. Quoth @krugman "Now it seems that a fact isn’t worth reporting unless someone is prepared to deny it." h/t @thingsbreak
  113. RT @johnperrybarlow Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. - John Nichols
  114. Injecting noise into the political process as a tactic:
  115. Ethan L.: "How long a project will take: 1.5 x (What it should take) ; if people with PhD's are involved, change the factor of 1.5 to 27."
  116. RT @newsycombinator A libertarian socialist engineer solves the financial crisis
  117. Free air olivine carbon sequestration shot down: requires ~ ton fine dust per per capita/year spread on beaches. :-(
  118. RT @algore Warmest seas on record.
  119. via @thingsbreak Yglesias links to nice Guardian book review on "More Equal Societies do Better"
  120. RT @EnergyCollectiv The CO2 Countdown Clock excellent idea from Lou Grinzo
  121. RT @sevinfo RT @PediatricInc : Canadian doc diagnoses U.S. #healthcare (single payer advocated)
  122. Are fish a nonnegligible factor in physical oceanography? Maybe! h/t @Eaterofsun
  123. @mariondelgado I haven't the sightest idea what you are talking about
  124. Hottest calendar month in recorded history of Austin TX. Hey @ClimateDepot , equal time for warm anomalies? blogged:
  125. The U.S. currently has enough surplus housing to put the entire population of the UK, with room left over for Israel according to @pkedrosky
  126. via @bruces : "The ruins of the unsustainable are the 21st century's frontier."
  127. Why are anti-IPCC folk suddenly obsessed with satellite vs surface data? A completely bogus graph maybe reason. Blogged:
  128. Rudy Baum, who told the truth about climate change, is no lefty. Thinks open access science is suspiciously socialistic.
  129. @drgrist says: If you believe climate mainstream, it is incoherent & immoral to act as if merely a clash of interests.
  130. Editor of Chem + Eng News is in trouble for telling the truth about the climate debate. Blogged:
  131. @muttleylax where do you get your non-facts? is a website, nothing more, and can't possibly predate the web.
  132. RT @EnergyCollectiv carries my End Times Thinking and the Locavore Fallacy (Thanks if u visit there & hit retweet link)
  133. Do energy price increases imply food supply localizes? No. Water becomes more local, so arid places import food. Blogged:
  134. Obama: I got a letter the other day from a woman; she said, "I don’t want socialized medicine, and don’t touch my Medicare." (rt @markosm )
  135. @mariondelgado 108 F in Eugene OR? Officially? Isn't that a bit unusual?
  136. @johndcook Check SQLonRails
  137. Open thread for @muttleylax and Muttleyphiles
  138. @muttleylax Risking boring my subscribers, signing off. Take this up on my blog if you want.
  139. @muttleylax Sure, off the top of my head IPCC TAR WGI report cites Lindzen to my knowledge.
  140. @muttleylax Spencer has challenged Hansen to a debate? Anyone who thinks a public debate is the place to resolve this is no scientist.
  141. @muttleylax Scientists have listened to them for 20 yrs. Mostly a waste of time. Most likely reason for consistent failure: they are wrong.
  142. @muttleylax I don't feel competent to advise Gore or compelled to defend him. I'm willing to discuss science w you, not politics.
  143. @muttleylax Hansen should not debate science with pseudoscientists. Scientists should not share stage w/ advocacy.
  144. @ianbicking people who put more faith in economics than in climatology should compare respective model fidelity to the real world.
  145. @muttleylax that's why all the groups supporting IPCC important; goes far beyond climatology. NAS, AAAS, Royal Soc have no horse in race.
  146. @muttleylax Stipulated. I concur: herd mentality is a risk w/ consensus. I apply it to economics. More mature sciences are less at risk.
  147. @ianbicking on the other hand
  148. @ianbicking Thing 4: Success of climate models in reproducing existing climate is much too strong to be coincidental.
  149. @ianbicking Thing 3: Climatology has some good near-complete datasets for last 50 years, extensive evidence on longer time scales.
  150. @ianbicking Thing 2: Many sciences not experimental: geology, ecology, astrophysics. Coherence tests remain possible, hypotheses may fail.
  151. @ianbicking Thing 1: Unlike climo, economics has no basis in physical science. Climo fundamentals are tested physics.
  152. Interesting memes show up in debates like this. Confusion of climatology w/ other disciplines a very common feature. Demand for "proof".
  153. like the other link @muttleylax rejects, contains links to huge majority of professional science orgs which back IPCC
  154. @muttleylax , but tweets, like blogs, are just one person's opinion, too. So why discuss at all? Let's let the AAAS decide the question.
  155. @muttleylax wants me to discuss as if that had something to do with climate science. It's some NYU geopolitics essay.
  156. @muttleylax DFID is an agency of the UK, not the UN. Blogs can have detailed reasoning, twitter not. I do not understand your restriction.
  157. @muttleylax "blogs don't help" but want to discuss on twitter? I'm confused. Thanks 4 white paper link, but diff betw white paper and blog?
  158. The fact that opposition to climate consensus is mostly "conservative" shows that the whole discussion is unhinged from evidence.
  159. Public wonders which are the real scientists, who is lying, who stands to benefit, where is the middle ground. Doesn't understand science.
  160. Questions among geophysicists at meetings, lunches: Anthropogenic climate change - how fast, how much, what are implications, how to avoid.
  161. Disbelief in climate consensus: explicit strategy decision by republican politicians documented at @muttleylax
  162. Evidence of consensus on anthropogenic climate change for people who think there isn't one: attn @muttleylax
  163. RT @AlexSteffen Dear future people: sorry 'bout our U.S. Congress + that whole "melting the ice caps" thing. Hope you like your new beaches!
  164. Irene read book, suggests a 3:1 ratio of happy:sad speech for mental health. I replied "Kittens, snowflakes, rainbows and we're all doomed!"
  165. #ATX Need an HVAC person in Austin. Any recommendations?
  166. RT @AlexSteffen: More Americans are killed by cars when walking or biking than die b/c of drugs and violence. Where's the war on cars?
  167. @muttleylax If you thought I were misleading then that would be a reasonable conclusion. But I am not. The paper is not remotely coherent.
  168. @muttleylax Since the paper just came out yesterday,how could there be any contrary publications in the lit? No, just logic is all. Sorry.
  169. @muttleylax that is CNS News, not CBS News; something of a difference there.
  170. Is the anti-IPCC crowd making a revealing mistake embracing El Nino as cause of global warming paper? Yes. Blogged:
  171. How will "it's the sun stupid" people respond to "it's El Nino" argument re warming. If scientific, they'll oppose; if political, embrace.
  172. RT @NOconsensus "New peer-reviewed study links 80% of global temperature changes El Nino forces" (Yes but it's nonsense )
  173. #followfriday My celebrity list: @BrentSpiner (Data on TNG. Or not?) A Twitter artiste. And @stcookie brightens any feed. Ginger snap?
  174. @jayrosen_nyu Authenticating may prevent a faker from pretending to be you, but they'd better be really interesting or nobody will care.
  175. @jayrosen_nyu Shakespeare's plays weren't written by Shakespeare but by someone else with the same name.
  176. RT @JohnDCook A little confusion is a good thing.
  177. RT @EnergyCollectiv "Surprising Conclusions from Unsurprising Results" or "Why do Witches Burn?"
  178. @mibi OK, found it. But it isn't in the index of Departments.
  179. RT @jorge_salazar "apologies, only in some parts of North Pacific @mtobis: RT Plastic outweighs plankton in ocean six-to-one." Still...
  180. @mibi What happened to the Department of Energy?
  181. Let's play "spot the climate sciences"!
  182. Yikes! RT @jorge_salazar RT @douglasabrams Plastic outweighs plankton in the ocean six-to-one.
  183. RT @thingsbreak Lomborg, 1863: Mr. Lincoln's so-called "Emancipation" will improve global freedom by 0.3% while costing $ billions.
  184. Climate science and monopsony: the conspiracy theory. Blogged: Think tanks? I need a drink, thanks.
  185. A literate #climate model in #Python? blogged:
  186. Water shortage reporting site "Circle of Blue": not sure about business model, but presentation model impresses me.
  187. Politics by fake flow chart: Any hope anybody will notice these charts represent exactly nothing?
  188. Gas $6.77/gal in Germany but daily life not so far beyond the pale of American experience as to frighten small children.
  189. RT @kate_sheppard "Schools foster climate illiteracy. " If this is the best we can do in OR, what will TX books say?
  190. People who are not from Quebec find this funny for some strange reason:
  191. @PA32R Boss humor. Heh. How many people would you assign that to? Seriously? Weird example. Corregio very cool though:
  192. @PA32R Document "Johnson said let's pay people not to work"? Doubt it. I have started to appreciate LBJ. But arguments are not for Twitter.
  193. @PA32R Time we had an argument. I am good old fashioned big government tax & spend liberal. Many disagreements w/ your public transit link.
  194. It's such a shame the Great Society got forgotten. If it weren't for Viet Nam, maybe Texas would have led the world into a new prosperity.
  195. In a collapse Texas will look like Afghanistan so fast it'll spin your head. Overpopulated, armed, thirsty, mean religious fanatics.
  196. Liked e360:"The Limits of Climate Models" despite inevitable misrepresentation as showing no cause for concern about CO2.
  197. @arthursmith you are two for two this weekend, thanks!
  198. RT @timoreilly Reversible transactions. A great idea for solving the financial crisis, inspired by recent Kindle news.
  199. unix: is there a maximum directory nest depth? does this sequence of legal filenames terminate? ~/1 ~/1/2 ... ~/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 ...
  200. "Welcome to Canada!" says GOP snarkily, holding up a complicated chart. But what does that chart say?
  201. RIP Walter Cronkite "Is patriotism simply agreeing unquestioningly with every action of one's government?"
  202. RT @1txsage1957: High-ranking insurance PR flack defects, explains dirty tricks used to fight universal healthcare
  203. #followfriday @YCombinator (info technology) @TheCityFix (urban planning) @EnergyCollectiv & @TheOilDrum (energy) @KickButtCoffee (caffeine)
  204. Why scientists should tweet more, my version:
  205. Anyone, what's the relaxation time constant for ocean acidification due to a CO2 perturbation? biogeochemistry ocean acidification
  206. RT @DonBlankenship "Which worries you most – controlling emissions or controlling government?" -> Which to avoid: bullets or bayonets? Both?
  207. @jfleck I really don't get the cornflake thing.
  208. +1 RT @ommachi Weather is affected (more) by fluid mechanics, Climate by (radiation) heat transfer. A career in Climate seems easier :)
  209. RT @jayrosen_nyu Why scientists might want to Twitter. Send to a skeptical friend. via @BoraZ (Or wait for my take on it.)
  210. @amgamble There is one big silly straw man at the core of the Armstrong piece . Examined on blog:
  211. @DonBlankenship missed the opening act. It began "we the people..."
  212. e.g. RT @DonBlankenship What should Americans be concerned about – “their use of coal” or “their government’s use of them”?
  213. @DonBlankenship a Big Coal CEO, thinks climate change is green extremism writ large. Says weird stuff; would be funny but for consequences.
  214. Big is beautiful!
  215. Mr. "forecasting principles" (S Armstrong) demolishes a global warming strawman in Financial Post. Spot the trick!
  216. RT @SunFoundation: Huge. Check out newest from @sunlightlabs --we're creating a Natl Data Catalog ( via @gfriend )
  217. Greenfyre's has an excellent summary of the so-called "suppressed EPA report" debacle
  218. Andrew Sullivan ( @dailydish ) who knocks my socks off w Iraq, Palin, new journo stuff: ++insightful climate chg item
  219. Did Brand also say "Information wants to be free"? Too clever. Anyway, as my wife says, "information wants to be wrong".
  220. "We are as gods, and have to get good at it." Stewart Brand's revised whole earth motto.
  221. Morano and Inhofe cheer for Hansen: . No surprise. Proves they only care about delaying policy, not about actual facts.
  222. @mariondelgado Thought I'd lost you! re yr nukes point agree. We don't need whole energy portfolio but we lack collective skill to decide.
  223. Precautionary principle, libertarianism, as symmetrical errors. Blogged:
  224. @scruffydan He debunks the greenhouse effect by assuming it does not exist and concluding the assumption
  225. Everybody grind your own axe and pay no attention to the big picture, OK? That will be fun! e.g.: http://www.nobiomassburning...
  226. RT @dcarli “How did survival on Planet Earth become a liberal cause?” -Bill Maher
  227. What ever became of actual conservatism? Read this comment at 538:
  228. US Rep Luetkemeyer (R-MO) seeks to withhold US funding from IPCC & its "international junk science"
  229. RT @danwhnt 2 major 21st c problems: how do we get along with each other, and how do we get along with our planet? -Lonnie Thompson
  230. You cain't get the Hell out of Texas. No matter how hard you try.
  231. It's where I want to be. The only place for me. Where my spirit can be free. Texas.
  232. Newark again this time leaving Mars (Quebec) for Venus (Texas). Cultural whiplash.
  233. @seasonofthebitch If enough grownups on both sides automatic opposition would not happen every single time it mattered; been a long time tho
  234. RT @gfriend Design: Invent financial incentives so that rational whole system behavior becomes the new "default" individual actor behavior.
  235. Texas is like Venus. Montreal is like Mars. I am a sort of space traveler.
  236. Changing planes in Newark. Everything smooth so far. Puddle jumper to Montreal boarding soon.
  237. NYTimes covers the Carlin / EPA story uncritically. #climatechange #scijourn Where's he said she said when you need it?
  238. More pigheaded climate denial from the WSJ. Except for valiant efforts by Troy Garibaldi, sad echo chamber in comments.
  239. Palin cheers me up. “So, like our brave American soldiers, who never quit, I am quitting!” (channeled by Lionel Hutz in Wonkette comments)
  240. Senators trying to figure out how to make future health care most closely resemble our current situation, so as to “control costs” -Wonkette
  241. Kids use "awesome" to mean '"adequate", but my peeve is "downfall" for "drawback". They're so dramatic. Imagine if some drama happened!
  242. Gloom Gloom Gloom. . I swear some days life is just like dental surgery.
  243. RT @JohnDCook RT @gregskidmore: Two amazing charts. Home values vs. stock prices. Inflation adjusted. -
  244. Scary-creepy Austin/Singer/Lindzen/etc. climate change open letter rebutted (on my blog):
  245. @amalari You confuse "awesome" with "ossim", meaning "correct" or "to specification" expressed w/ enthusiasm: "You have your spoon? Ossim!"
  246. @BoreholeGroup How to 1) extract clathrates w/o environmental CH4 release? 2) enforce such practice on commercial operations? Clues please.
  247. If a mountain is reflected in a lake, and we're all too busy too notice, is it still beautiful?
  248. Bogglingly bad idea: RT @kate_sheppard @TimFernholz TAP can't get a congressional press pass because we're a non-profit and might lobby.
  249. Inhofe's "Dead in the water" is a poor choice of phrasing to oppose a climate bill, isn't it? (From @AriMelber )
  250. Romm: EPA ignoring internal non-expert comments filled w falsehoods cut-and-paste from web isn’t “suppressing a report”!
  251. #ATX #climatechange Public talk by me on climate models and climate policy tomorrow July 1 6:30 PM Y'all come
  252. @dailydish re Manzi: see ("Tidal") comment: For 19 C increase DICE model forecasts 50% GDP loss. Economic basis dubious.
  253. RT @Kenwardjr Blogging about coal exec tweets,
  254. remember the venn diagram of success? Dave Pollard seems to have fixed it! @thingsbreak
  255. @PA32R very different; Hansen is leading scientist. EPA guy had no science job, offers tired incoherent denial nonsense:
  256. RT @danwhnt Did 17,000 scientists really call clim. change a hoax: (We did this last fall) #climatechange
  257. Sen Inhofe and Fox News on the "suppressed" EPA "study"; Inhofe feels "redeemed", is "rejoicing". Investigation underway.
  258. RT @david_h_roberts Added picture of cat playing piano to my (long) post... Now you'll read it! -(It's worth reading.)
  259. #ATX #weather 104° F in Austin, making today the 16th 100-degree day this month, setting a new record for number of June days over 100° F .
  260. Join me and my tweeps on the Austin TownMe Directory at
  261. RT @Kenward "Krugman: Vote against #aces was "treason against planet,"-He did not say that! The treason is mocking the problem's existence.
  262. RT @seasonothebitch Madoff gets 150 years, AIG got over $150 million in bonuses. Fair?
  263. RT @cshirky "We must give government permission to fail." Jeff Jarvis on government as rolling beta. #pdf09
  264. @danwhnt I prefer your version to @krugman's on the grounds that you mention me! But yes, a sorry situation indeed.
  265. RT @revkin: Here's transcript of a sitdown Obama, Chu, Browner did today on climate, energy etc h/t DHRoberts
  266. Ah, I had to send Apple thirty bucks for the privilege
  267. For those who underestimate climatology: Also, #Apple tech help: how do I embed this QuickTime into a Keynote? Thanks!
  268. @akuchling re your q re intemperate AGW posts on geek sites; have thought about it; material for a blog posting. I'll tweet when it's done.
  269. disappointed usually excel't @newsycombinator linking malicious WSJ article claiming burgeoning greenhouse 'skepticism'
  270. RT @socialmedia2day A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To Cap and Trade (via @tweetmeme)
  271. #ATX our Rep Doggett (D-TX): Doing nothing actually results in more renewable energy than approving ACES...cannot support
  272. Most economists don't get it: on a crowded world, less production & less consumption maximizes capital -K Boulding 1966
  273. RT @socialmedia2day Shorter Jim Manzi (via @tweetmeme)
  274. Like it or not, leaving aside past history, I have to highly recommend @Revkin's latest: as exemplary.
  275. While the usual suspects focus on Waxman drama, the Wall Street Journal offers an especially malicious op-ed on climate
  276. Something for everybody on the internet...
  277. !!! Sign me up, I guess! RT @harleypasternak out-of shape jewish and no longer in canada? rejoice!
  278. RT @ClimateSciWatch Is everyone talking about the same bill? It will either kill the economy, or save us from doom. No in-betweens! #ACES
  279. @JohnDCook My MD asks re WSJ today too (sigh) but flatline bogus & consensus real
  280. #FF environment Texas @AustinPost @chronsciguy @jorge_salazar @jonl @asherprice @EDFtx @txpolitics @MattGlazer @TexasObserver @BOR ; others?
  281. RT @AustinPost Did you know we're in a water war? #ATX #water
  282. @ejgertz asks how people fed selves pre 1950 w/o petro-based fertilizers. Ans: fewer people eating fewer calories & less meat; more starved.
  283. RT @jayrosen_nyu From @seasonothebitch: "I prefer the genuine to the ironic, which makes me hipster fail. I, like, care about shit."
  284. @PA32R very different for Iran, but the same for present purposes: both captured the foreground of the imagination here in North America.
  285. @gfriend your q's are reminiscent of William Cronon's thoughts on "Nature" , e.g.,
  286. Record temps across Texas. Power usage expected to hit all-time high today. Plea for restraint & it's not even July yet!
  287. no acceptable way for a mainstream reporter to...tell readers that the info. [from] a powerful office-holder may be false
  288. In Texas you can't buy a pack of gum without chatting the cashier up for a half hour.
  289. "bonjour-hi" Speaking Montrealais: Only in Mtl: "You can save a syllable by saying 'allo'". Situation rewards terseness!
  290. @jayrosen_nyu : "style of educated journalists" cohort costs trust. I say obsession w controversy & power, also cynicism. Memes not style.
  291. @jayrosen_nyu I disagree. : press mentality doesn't map onto contemporary public issues in substance, focus, emphasis.
  292. Unfollow is broken for me.
  293. @dcarli Did you read my blog entry today? Relates to Anastas' point.
  294. RT @chronsciguy "Houston has apparently just had its warmest day in June. Ever. 104°. Fun."#ATX Austin record today 104; shy of June max=108
  295. Joe Romm claims Obama understands the ponzi problem with "growth". (via @tweetmeme)
  296. A new meme is not enough. We need new patterns of thought. #journ #scijourn #climatechange #sustainability ( )
  297. I claim: @revkin 's q is journalism trying to address a problem journalism created w/o addressing role of journalism. ( )
  298. Longish article responding to Revkin/Seed query re right language to galvanize public action on climate. On my blog at:
  299. The #OLPC $100 laptop story moves toward exactly the outcome I was hoping for: a pure software solution h/t @ommachi
  300. RT @tweetmeme 40 Useful and Creative Infographics +1
  301. RT @DanteAtkins via @markosm: if a public option will have rationing, long waits & poor service, then why are private insurers afraid of it?
  302. RT @EcoInteractive: Cameroon rainforest given 30 days to be conserved or sold off for logging Ideas? #cameroonforest
  303. RT @Angera Anyone want to have lunch in Boston tomorrow and talk sustainable seafood?
  304. FTC to regulate blogs? "bloggers that don’t disclose freebies could become the target of an FTC investigation"
  305. best reply B. Leonard: Approach issues from perspective of reporting "facts" rather than "sides in a debate". What happened to reporting?
  306. The peculiar journalistic ethic can be abused; Suppose MDs say "tuberculosis", chamber of commerce says "allergies". The press says...?
  307. RT @dangillmor NPR ombud "explains" its cowardice in not calling torture "torture" -- pathetic
  308. RT @mationdelgado I've been in MSM, print, radio. In J School it's "absurd" to train anyone in science and its standard to train them in PR.
  309. My talk Austin 7/1 "Cybernetics of Climate" climate models & policy: how should these computations be understood? #ATX
  310. "I should have given them only the seven words I wanted them to use" - scientist re NYTimes article
  311. Sullivan re Iran: One feels connected to the people w blogs, tweets &c Suspicion and fear betw Iran & America slips away.
  312. RT @dailydish (Andrew Sullivan) Poem 4 the Day: A day of ominous decision has now dawned on this free nation. fixed link
  313. had trouble finding @BoraZ vs @jason_pontin on xark. Google cache: also I saved it here v interesting
  314. Yet another glossy climate report! National Science Foundation Releases Report on state of climate science
  315. @Tokyo_Tom re Ron Bailey's My much less impressed than your me: silly circular arg
  316. RT @pzmyers +1: Obama and nerd cred: At last, we have a president who can give a Vulcan salutation.
  317. +1 RT @newsycombinator Why are modern scientists so dull?
  318. rt @ZEROGreenhouse: average person in US today will put out 119.3lbs CO2, Tanzanian 0.6 lbs, Climate change will affect all equally
  319. RT via @ken_homer @davidhodgson: our financial system is not biomimetic - there is no concept of gravity ... tis not healthy for our species
  320. @Krugman picks up Rosen's "serious people" sarcasmo-meme in noting #Froomkin fiasco
  321. RT @BrentSpiner "Thinking about legally changing my name to @BrentSpiner". Will we have to RT you as @@BrentSpiner then? Could get messy.
  322. (followup to previous tweet) In case you missed the comparable US climate change report it's at
  323. The Age: Euros also just released glossy climate report for public. Seems more abstract, still scary.
  324. RT @jorge_salazar : Ken Caldeira responds to @thingsbreak 's geo-engineering and ocean acidification post:
  325. This Venn diagram is very useful, but surely there is a fourth bubble somewhere called "what needs to be done".
  326. is working on a longish article, ~3K words, about psychology, the press and sustainability responding to @revkin 's query
  327. Do you agree "submission of fake manuscripts is a totally unethical activity"? It seems a useful test. h/t @Maxine_Clarke
  328. +1 Rob Watson: "Sacking the Temple of Ego-Nomics"
  329. +1 "No, PDFs really do suck!" ht @abhishektiwari
  330. "Asked if we have enough time to prevent catastrophe, [Meadows would answer] exactly enough time-starting now" -A Lovins
  331. RT @ommachi Future of Science Journalism reliability check on web-writing remains an issue #scijourn
  332. The pale blue dot image:
  333. via @radar Open Ideas: Alex Payne's blog of Concepts in the public domain, awaiting collaboration and appropriation
  334. RT @jowyang: IBM is afraid of Microsoft who is afraid of Google who is afraid of Facebook who is afraid of Twitter who is afraid of whales.
  335. like RT @aycangulez The better you program, the worse you communicate.
  336. "Whether you work inside or outside the beltway determines whether you think there was climate news (in a given) week"
  337. Any publications arguably without a point of view are mathematical, arcane, narrow. Thus US "editorial"/"reporting" split is not well named.
  338. RT @russ_walker via dhr:yes, Iran, N. Korea etc But not a SINGLE question about climate in today's WH briefing? MSM FAIL
  339. #WHclimate Finding the actual report requires too much digging! Anyway, here you go: (large PDF; 190 hi-design pages)
  340. #WHclimate climate science funding prognosis good according to holdren
  341. #WHclimate USA Today reporter asks beginner questions about temperature trend like he started learning about this stuff last week.
  342. #WHclimate Tom Karl now speaking on threshholds vs tipping points; good idea
  343. RT @kate_sheppard Climate change impacts report conference will be webcast starting at 1:30 Oops that is now.
  344. No surprise here: RT @kate_sheppard Obtained copy of climate report. In short, we're screwed, but less screwed if we do something now.
  345. To the tune "Liberty Bell": Oh CA-nada, yes oh CA_nada, you're glo-rious and free, Oh CA-nada, yes oh CA-nada, we stand, on guard, for thee!
  346. My phone plays Monty Python theme. My supervisee from India asks "WOTT is that? CANADIAN national anthem?" Good idea. #canada #python
  347. mind boggles but RT @rkref Neocon intellectual dishonesty @ new low w/ quiet support 4 Ahmedi bc he is a better poster child for war w/Iran
  348. RT @TerracomChicago Save the earth? Live in a city:
  349. Feingold making sense on health care says to write your federal reps and make a case for universal healthcare in the USA.
  350. my big @dcarli McElroy retweet picked up by The Energy Collective . I never know what they will like!
  351. RT @Amalari #iranelection cyberwar guide for beginners
  352. big blog-retweet of @dcarli channeling Mark McElroy:
  353. Twitter reschedules downtime for midnight in Iran, midday in America. Both excellent and interesting!
  354. RT @YaleE360 Oyster Die-Off in Pacific May Be Linked to Ocean Acidification
  355. I've been talking about this for 15 years but not mentioned. Nice though. RT @dotearth A Climate (Communication) Crisis?
  356. @dcarli re WSJ ad: which companies signed it?
  357. Bucky Fuller took a position as a lecturer at S. Ill. U. at the age of 61. I feel a little better now.
  358. #iranelection Good summary by G Sick. #journalism Example of how to summarize; can build on this in later pieces w a link.
  359. RT @TEDchris No new tweets from @change_for_Iran in 7 hrs. I hope he/she's OK. @ev has confirmed to me the account source is inside iran.(!)
  360. This is interesting @tehranelection
  361. Why do I find out about these things after they have started? attempt to reboot Bucky Fuller's 'World Game'.
  362. TX gov Perry: "as concerning are the EPA's efforts to have CO2 identified as a toxic substance" Straw man?
  363. @pogue Verb Swifty: "This weight loss diet has really worked!" she expounded. "It didn't work for me," he announced.
  364. #followfriday #python @dabeaz @johndcook @holdenweb @akuchling @noahgift @ianbicking @toolness @adrianholovaty @pypi & of course @gvanrossum
  365. RT @newsycombinator Humans prefer cockiness to expertise
  366. RT @thingsbreak From now on, my response to questions abt Freeman Dyson or Dick Lindzen & climate models
  367. Future climate: expect more severe storms and more drought. Is that a contradiction? Nope. e.g. See tonight's radar.
  368. RT @mims if universities had major in "saving the world" & were honest about net impact, you'd probably end up in the engineering department
  369. wherein @jfleck argues separating journalism vs advocacy & I disagree. Also, Joe Romm accused of insufficient greenness.
  370. @timoreilly points to NYTimes deficit taxonomy Not even a whisper there about resource or environmental constraints.
  371. creepy #facebook virus has my number. Don't click on the out-of-character link purporting to be your friend. Especially if it's me. :-(
  372. A policy grad student recently shook head in bewilderment listening to me, said "but, but I thought neoMalthusianism had been discredited!"
  373. I raised limits to growth with an econ prof recently. She said "why don't you want growth to continue?" As though a matter of preference!
  374. economists who think economy is a subset of environment, not vice versa, are effectively considered fringe in the profession.
  375. like me @thingsbreak wants a liberal mainstream economist to take on resource constraints in earnest, suggests we pester @delong
  376. @justinmclachlan calls @jayrosen_nyu shrill sez pro jrnlsts win on rumors/facts rough/complete raw/vetted but no evidence!
  377. RT @buckdenton WSJ: Texas Blasts Federal Efforts to Fight Global Warming:
  378. RT @1Sky : Have q's about the Waxman-Markey bill on tmrw's national conference call? mail
  379. Chinese press says China wants to cooperate w/ US on climate change. via @ClimateProject
  380. RT @tweetmeme Excellent DOE infographic summarizing US energy sources and destinations
  381. Are limits to growth kicking in? Ugo Bardi says yes at
  382. This is close. RT @dcarli @searchnomics New site promotes journalists as individual brands:
  383. RT @TheOilDrum Herman Daly: From a Failed Growth Economy to a Steady-State Economy
  384. NY Times architecture critic celebrates yet another eyesore. The Times continues to add insult to injury. Mind boggles.
  385. RT @tweetmeme My Water and Energy blog entry is being carried by The Energy Collective
  386. Sorry I can't include @BoraZ in #FF . We are slightly acquainted + he is slightly famous. Follow him or I'll have to RT everything he says.
  387. non (yet) famous non acquaintances I recommend: @thenonconsumer @jenncuisine @dcarli @johndcook @abhishektiwari @altepper @scruffydan
  388. via @jayrosen_nyu vi @BoraZ On the phase change in journalism and
  389. One way to solve energy problems with technology: break the 746 watts per horsepower barrier!
  390. RT @mims journalists would be right more often if they occasionally allowed themselves to be wrong #falsebalance
  391. Asked if interviewee Dyson was right about science, journalist Dawidoff says he doesn't care, it doesn't matter. #scijourn
  392. email: "Hi Sir. You have a wonderfull offer to getting Shairs of World's leading Companies. If you interested please reply me. -Tony" hmm...
  393. Texans by an undeserved twist of fate, led the world into the carbon-burning age, and may well be the ones to lead us out.
  394. @ken_homer Thanks for your attention and your kind words! Stick around. Busy week for me on other fronts but I'll be back.
  395. But there is no magic right way to interpret terms like “free speech” or “due process” or "potato chip". - NY Times.
  396. Paul Baer's corrollary: Any job not worth doing well is not worth doing.
  397. Not sure how I found this history of programing languages. "Lisp still influential in recursion and condescension."
  398. Disagree w @pzmyers about smthg besides religion. . I thought the media article first rate. Schema don't need to be data.
  399. really good green urbanism stuff despite the name:
  400. fine goals indeed, @j_timmer , but your Texas traffic light camera story stopped me in my tracks...
  401. @jenncuisine compliment was meant sincerely; your excellent photographs and creative recipes are a delight
  402. @PA32R check the link; I love the eyesore of the month pix
  403. @johndcook Grooks! Another shared interest! @ everybody else: look for the short poems of nerd poet Piet Hein.
  404. @pkedrosky Very interesting graph re electricity: thanks. Please provide either details or a complete reference.
  405. Krugman: We averted utter catastrophe, but we can't all export our way to recovery. There's no other planet to trade with.
  406. RT @david_h_roberts corn ethanol is not about reducing CO2. It's about ag subsidies. Please stop using it to slander entire climate effort.
  407. "Our knowledge and skill in building has been reduced to near zero in this culture". Kunstler is right about that much.
  408. Some thoughts prompted by the Bayer vs the bees accusation on my blog:
  409. @Pogue annoying phrase "Still working on that?" from waitperson. No. *You* are working. I am relaxing over dinner. Or was until just now.
  410. #scijourn in a nutshell
  411. RT @kate_sheppard: In press section, energy bill hearing. One reporter playing solitaire. Another browsing wine tours in Va. Thanks, MSM!
  412. repeat,URL fix @jenncuisine offers map of imidacloprid use Map of bee colony disorder: No match!
  413. @monkchips , @jenncuisine offers map of imidacloprid use Map of bee colony disorder: No match!
  414. Krugman surprises me by preferring a carbon cap to a tax; tepid on Waxman-Markey but will settle. Good enough for me.
  415. @monkchips Thanks. I agree Wikipedia isn't decisive, can be gamed. But in my experience accusations like this can sometimes be unfounded.
  416. RT @monkchips Bayer found imidacloprid in pollen of flowering trees at concentr's high enough to kill a honeybee in mins
  417. RT @carlmalamud It is very hard to stomach a copyright notice like on a government web site.
  418. The question every amateur creator asks every day isn't "Why publish this?" but "Why not?" RT @cshirky via @BoraZ
  419. Claims @monkchips bee deaths due to Bayer pesticide. Wikipedia says no evidence Evidence should matter.
  420. @david_h_roberts is right: we shouldn't quibble too much re Waxman Markey. Timing is politically important so let's cope.
  421. A real economist (DeLong) uses the phrase "limits to growth" in jest, but it appears he actually has heard of the idea.
  422. Roberts again Everybody doing their job resulting in reduction in public understanding => the system is broken. ht J Rosen
  423. RT @david_h_roberts Economists call ubiquitous features of everyday life, behavior "market failures." The market is very disappointed in us.
  424. Twitter damages Twitter: hides @ replies to ppl you don't follow. Why it's bad #twitterfail #fixreplies ht @BadAstronomer
  425. I make a point of complaining to airline every time. Do you? RT @pzmyers SAVE ME. Stuck in the airport with the CNN "news" channel blaring.
  426. RT @pkedrosky Am increasingly convinced that we sorely need the societal equivalent of a car's crumple zone.
  427. RT @johndcook New blog post about managing never-ending projects, personal and professional
  428. @thinkprogress has a first rate story about Waxman-Markey energy bill; apparently the fight is about money. Who knew?
  429. @bruces Beyond turnips? Austin Texas as a #transition town Org. meeting 6:30 May 12! see Please pass it on.
  430. Austin Texas as a #transition town! Organizational meeting 6:30 May 12! see #atx #sustainability #resilience
  431. RT @dcarli Friends of the Earth Cautionary Report: Subprime Carbon? Re-thinking the World's Largest New Derivatives Market
  432. RT @seasonofthebitch Hey, Internet. @rushkoff is serializing his new book at BoingBoing. I just read it and it's awesome.
  433. Counsel for energy legislators (via Ed Reid): "Don't begin vast programs with half-vast ideas."
  434. @dabeaz All done with slides? Wow. And here I thought it was all done with mirrors...
  435. energy climate Q : Is seabed and/or tundra clathrate recovery for combustion feasible without very large releases of methane? How?
  436. The Two Cultures (science vs arts) and Obama's request for advice about science. blogged:
  437. A given economic growth rate can be sustainable only if the average impact per unit wealth declines at an equal or greater rate. #TWISI
  438. Interesting, blistering attack on academia from untenured instructor:
  439. Liked YaleEnvironment360 on cap-trade vs carbon tax: Blogged pro-tax: Cappers still make no sense to me.
  440. Haha! ampersand trade is an html character!
  441. Liked YaleEnvironment360 on cap™ vs carbon tax: Blogged pro-tax: Cappers still make no sense to me.
  442. @arthursmith I think you may be right; people don't understand the shape but I wonder if the magnitudes are right
  443. Huge argument between @BoraZ and @jayrosen_nyu vs @jason_pontin Interesting? Who knows? Twitter interface makes it unparsable. Suggestions?
  444. Housing glut: houses with negative value!
  445. RT @cunctator not dealing with global warming screws over humanity, not Al Gore
  446. RT @abhishektiwari Liked "Sandeep The Mouse Trap : Science 2.0 : what is and what needs to be"
  447. via @danwhnt Today from the CBO: US climate change impacts. I say people's failure to grasp Fig 1 is the main problem.
  448. @PA32R Elephant joke is an old one; not sure where I heard it. Google has 4560 hits on "elephino" including a Twitter ID.
  449. RT @PA32R So if HuffPo ... supports pseudoscience wack jobs, why trust it elsewhere? me: 1/2 elephant 1/2 rhinoceros = elephino .
  450. Austin Texas as a #transition town! Come to the organizational meeting on May 12! #atx #sustainability pls RT
  451. OK Sen Inhofe takes reasonable position on black carbon forcing. Is this progress in the absence of Morano or a blunder?
  452. BBC reports an interesting article in J Clim, researchers unspecified at institute unspecified. Why do I have to guess?
  453. How much do highway interchanges cost? Clue: How much would an elevated bike path cost per mile?
  454. Promoting science: "If only we had the money" . If medical science can't do it, little wonder climate science fails.
  455. RT @thingsbreak @ClimateProject: krugman making sense on climate change policy & economics
  456. "Information wants to be wrong." - Irene Tobis
  457. RT @GregMitch NYT asks Obama what "enchants" him as prez 9th grader was available to ask that?
  458. I know 3 people who think swine flu is a deliberate distraction by government. Public vs science community gap yet again. Very unfortunate.
  459. Lowest bandwidth infographic of all time? h/t @oh_henry via @BoraZ
  460. @kdaustin I will pursue this on my blog. I work at a nexus of CCS research. There are huge advantages to making it work. Will ping you.
  461. @kdaustin says "CO2 sequestration not practical large scale". Why not?
  462. RT @freedryk Debugging Fortran code. I hate when devs write clever optimizations that make it impossible to make the code do what you want.
  463. Montreal bagels: I have no choice but to try recipe and report. Cursed internet. via
  464. RT @thegreengrok Obama has relaunched a Bush climate initiative by convening 17 biggest economies for a meeting
  465. RT @hrheingold Some blogs are very good, some MSM are very bad, but I see the whole debate as distracting from developing a news ecosystem.
  466. RT @AlexSteffen "Climate deniers spin geoengineering as answer" article . Fine article at .
  467. comment: "I'm sorry but if you rely on a bunch of aging rockers to produce a comprehensive pandemic strategy then you deserve all you get."
  468. Brits sink £11M into in situ ocean acidification impact research ( h/t @LizNeeley via @kzelnio )
  469. prev tweet h/t @johndcook via @hamiltonulmer see 2/2
  470. Debate between Bayesians and frequentists is unusual among philosophical arguments in actually having important practical consequences. 1/2
  471. @sciam twitterist attending #scijourn conference in Cambridge MA ; which, where, what? Somebody please go and tweet.
  472. @Angera You seem interesting but I won't read your blog until you pick a less eye-gougingly awful template. It's easy: Layout->New Template
  473. An economic growth rate is sustainable *only* if the impact per unit wealth declines at an equal or greater rate. blogged:
  474. if upstream waste is 70x municipal waste, then all the attention to muni. waste stream is misplaced; where are the other 70 landfills?
  475. @dcarli thanks for response but your link just went to a search engine. "wasteberg" a good clue but so far no authoritative source
  476. @dcarli re 70-to-1 commercial-to-consumer trash ratio: thanks for the data. I'd appreciate a reference. Where did you get that info? Thanks!
  477. Major rain event today upstream from Austin great news in short run, but is Texas drying out? #atx but
  478. #Austin Slashdot reports: "Time Warner Shutting Off Austin Accounts For Heavy Usage". Insightful comment:
  479. Monckton:Dems "refused to allow" him to testify vs Gore. "Democrats have a lot to learn about the right of free speech."
  480. RT: @PowerShift09 Gore: I wish I could find the words 2 unlock this partisan lock. The next gen. is calling us to work together... h/t @1Sky
  481. "lurkoid": argumentum ad googlum:
  482. : report climate effects "cannot be denied" even as group did so. thingsbreak wants discussion, so:
  483. While millionaires tremble, the rabble masses at the gates, bellowing their demands: "We are here to cut your taxes!"
  484. @PA32R Did you ever hear * me * say science isn't corrupted by funding? Why would that mean greenhouse gases are harmless, though?
  485. Canadian CO2 emissions skyrocketing. ☹ Reading a UN report to that effect supposedly requires traditional journalism???
  486. @johndcook You sure? Many things are attributed to Einstein that he never said. This one seems very dubious from any physicist after Newton.
  487. @mariondelgado Thanks. Debate welcome on blog; I say green jobs are necessary but shouldn't be motivate or distract.
  488. Delicious J Wolcott article on the DC mind "the fetish...for a centrism that converts everything to mush" h/t @markosm
  489. RT @freeroxana has 1553 followers. You can't visit her in prison, but you can follow her. Free Roxana!
  490. Just joined a twibe. Visit to join
  491. Just joined a twibe. Visit to join
  492. RT @atrios i think franken and coleman should be cosenators just to make broder weep with joy
  493. RT @NewTechBooks city where every arrest is Twittered (city wants feed shut down) @adrianholovaty will be unsurprised
  494. Just joined a twibe. Visit to join
  495. Rasmussen: Just one-out-of-three voters (34%) now believe global warming is caused by human activity.
  496. "Cohen strolled out onstage, still hip, still the epitome of a certain kind of sexy Euro-Canadian-Buddhist intellectual style" - G. Kamiya ☺
  497. RT @kdaustin :'OMG, the Reuters text- "CO2, one of several... gases that spur global warming"- no waffling! No might maybe could! Yay!'
  498. RT @GregMitch Drudge headlines Rasmussen poll finding that 75% of Texans against seceding--rather than that, amazingly, 18% or more favor.
  499. EPA will regulate greenhouse gases. EPA: WSJ: Reuters: 1Sky:
  500. Does focus on "green jobs" distract from the severity of the underlying problems? I and others argue yes:
  501. Calling information in Israel to find restaurant no.; operator replies “You don’t want to eat there”, lists alternatives.
  502. RT @dcarli Kyoto 2.0 Set To Fall At The First Hurdle ((Re-arranging deck chairs?))
  503. @Oprah 's on.
  504. RT @johndcook Miniature Earth video If there were 100 people on earth ...
  505. Morano: Allegre to be French environment minister!?! Doubt this disaster but A is buttering Sarkozy up.
  506. RT @scruffydan Liked: A cure for colony collapse
  507. via @bruces RT @vanderbeeken BOP Source - The first social network for the base of the pyramid
  508. Beautiful pix of von Karman vortices in lab and atmosphere at NASA site h/t @ommachi
  509. RT @FizzyDuck vi @Amalari: If it weren’t for physics and law enforcement, I’d be unstoppable!
  510. I missed originally (WSJ 4/7 via @slashdot today) Chu endorses carbon capture/sequestration (CCS) from coal plants
  511. For...the western world,prosperity without growth is no longer a utopian dream.It is a financial and ecological necessity.
  512. NYTimes headline "Disney Expert Uses Science to Draw Boy Viewers" doesn't imply boys like science. They are the lab rats.
  513. RT @statesman Kinky Friedman "might" run for governor again, this time as a Democrat (scare quotes added). Amusing.
  514. #statistics problem: If I have 1%, 25%, median, 75% and 99% CDF from interview, how to interpolate; how to convolve PDFs?
  515. @TEDChris points to David Deutsch's #ted talk . It is fascinating but fundamentally flawed. I rebut at .
  516. Adrian H makes the NYTimes: #python story, replacenik story at the same time! Sweet!
  517. a great TED talk, but why are physicists so clueless about climate? The thrust is brilliant but the details are so wrong!
  518. #python If you pass the string "nan" to float(raw_input()) it does not raise an exception; nonlocal failures ensue. Beware!
  519. Climate change denialist Mark Morano bravely takes on 16 y.o. Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana; blog:
  520. @jfleck Rosen on false balance. Maybe I don't get journalism, or maybe I just don't say it as well. Thanks again @BoraZ !
  521. Psychohistory (mathematics of collective behavior) as predicted by Asimov , claimed at TED:
  522. I don't know pressures and compromises of news biz but I'm sure the product doesn't inform public well. Public shares blame but so do media.
  523. @kaliphonia AWIT saved my life in 4th grade, but I think it is aimed at kids stuck in unhappy families. Effects of that still resonating.
  524. Nice to see the delete function back on Twitter: levity about pirates was ill-timed!
  525. RT @statesman How cold was it this morning? How about coldest temperature in Austin history for April.
  526. RT @carr2n "Facelessbook"
  527. re #SBOE Texas Bd of Ed evolution fiasco: P Murray, VP TX Citizens for Science, attended meetings, has insightful blog
  528. @BoraZ nice ideas but site violates many usability criteria! Tiny black on grey print; no context hints. Ironic bad design
  529. An example of the impedance mismatch between science and the press. (via BoraZ via NerdyChristie) #scijourn
  530. URL shortening article is useful but has one of the worst website usability bugs I've ever seen. ; note horizontal scroll.
  531. on the broken peer review system h/t @abhishektiwari
  532. my 1st #followfriday climate folk @carlzimmer @arthursmith @thingsbreak @jfleck @Tokyo_Tom @wmconnolley & of course @algore Who did I miss?
  533. Toxic liberal/conservative index: @ezraklein please grow up. Politics is not a football league. Things matter.
  534. @jayrosen_nyu re Also Hall gets it backwards! Paper is "rock solid", the web is transitory? So very wrong.
  535. Appears I was saying these things before I had heard of @jayrosen_nyu : #scijourn
  536. RT @LizNeeley A reverse image search engine - upload a pic, find matches . My experiment was impressive:
  537. Security Wizard: "Step 1: Back up your system." Why? Will the patch make things worse? Do I want to be able to restore the virus later?
  538. Science cannot compromise with nonsense. It takes very little dogshit to spoil an otherwise lovely creme caramelle.
  539. RT @buckdenton Texas Officially Makes The Universe Ageless:
  540. Somebody set me straight. What is "cap-and-trade"? Why is it better than a carbon tax? Discussion appreciated.
  541. The press may not be successful...telling people what to think, but [succeeds] in telling its readers what to think about.
  542. @danwhnt Thanks! I was going to dig a bit myself. Q stands. Why don't #scijourn pros name PI, provide a proper reference? Not the 1st time!
  543. RT @txpolitics Peeps you can believe in: Obama rally recreated with marshmallow rabbits.
  544. #scijourn What journalists don't get: I want the name of the P.I. and pub data of the paper. Is that so hard? Aargh! eg:
  545. Denialist site claims only 11% of Czech citizens "believe in" anthropogenic global warming among other depressing items.
  546. RT @danwhnt #climatechange DesmogBlog FOIA query on the mysterious Deep Space Climate Observatory, or rather lack of one:
  547. RT @david_h_roberts Enormous, far-reaching, potentially economy-reshaping energy/climate bill unveiled today in the House ... media yawns.
  548. "The permafrost is melting fast all over the Arctic, lakes are forming everywhere and methane is bubbling up out of them."
  549. @revkin, please face up to the fact that whether science can influence policy or not depends to a significant extent on @revkin
  550. @david_h_roberts : The magic wand for biofuels is giving up beef, but substantial biofuel now possible on marginal land where h2o plentiful.
  551. @gfriend notes NYTimes 1999 celebrated "new era on Wall Street" Reminds me of recent crustacean news
  552. Attributed to one of the SBOE creationsists by an eyewitness "If I don't understand it, it's not science". Hope that's on the audio record.
  553. Texas SBOE evolution fiasco reporting by Tony Whitson, including links to audio of McLeroy's testimony: http://curricublog.wordpres...
  554. BoraZ has a big #scijourn summary post; I don't plan to read before composing my own. But probably it's very good.
  555. Oil imports by country: Striking graph. Many other interesting statistics linked at . h/t James Annan
  556. RT @thingsbreak NAS summit "America's Climate Choices" webcast: ; Things is tweeting as it goes along. Thanks!
  557. @dcarli # climatetoons and my all time favorite
  558. RT @ianfoster Sharon Bigley quoting Nate Lewis in Newsweek -- we need massive energy R&D to become carbon neutral --
  559. OK just one more: #replaceniks
  560. I ask the internet to kindly stop being so interesting for a week or two. An interesting take on civil disobedience:
  561. Very interesting and exemplary RT @BoraZ Wow! How science (education) works:
  562. A treasure trove of climate denialism: I feel like the walrus and carpenter contemplating sweeping sand off the beach.
  563. @kdaustin thanks for this: . As recompense, you may enjoy the picture.
  564. RT @BadAstronomer Texas creationism wrapup. Condition: doomed. Me: Unhappy. Very, very unhappy.
  565. RT @hausfath on candles: ; Zeke, did you account for extraction and refining costs? "Show us the code".
  566. RT @kdaustin Fargo rejected govt flood control. "We don't need government screwing things up." Parable for climate change?
  567. Earth Hour irony (h/t Aaron Lav):most candles are paraffin, made from coal. Small amounts, but emblem of green casual relationship to facts?
  568. biofuels tweets aggregated at #biofuelhashtags ; Scary story about corn ethanol fuel and antibiotic resistance here:
  569. Professor Andrew Weaver: Will Environmentalists Stand With Science?
  570. #scijourn Andrew Sun on scientists standing up for ourselves instead of talking through journalists. "Otherwise shits happen." www.➡.ws/଑
  571. "No one is interested in science except scientists. Improvement [shouldn't] research. no media [do it right] www.➡.ws/଑
  572. @statesman , also, could somebody please capture the shark that Kelso jumped and sic it on him, please?
  573. learned in #replacenik exercise: I'd subscribe RSS feed of articles by #Austin @Statesman staff or visit a portal. Present homepage useless.
  574. Courtesy @thingsbreak here's an odd piece, the FT from 11 years hence echoing @rushkoff (see )
  575. RT @nabicht LMAO at youtube video "Hey Paul Krugman"
  576. Final vote on whole package is tomorrow if I understand right. #tx #sboe
  577. Amendment: students asked to evaluate differing views on the *existence* of global warming. Passed if I understand right.
  578. Cancel huge victory party. "members turned around and threw open all the windows to pseudoscientific nonsense"
  579. RT @thingsbreak "This is a huge victory for sound science education in Texas." Creationist motion defeated. Hook 'em!
  580. RT @delayoscillator Every geoscientist should also learn to roll their own code,
  581. We got some needed rain in central Austin; storm was severe in northern burbs. Baseball sized hail. Dry south of Lake Lady Bird. No twister.
  582. Texas textbook vote is tomorrow, not today. Final testimony was today. Sorry for the error. ( sboe Texas creationism )
  583. While creationism in Texas textbooks is debated in a close vote, Austin under tornado watch. Interesting tornado scenarios can be imagined.
  584. Texas Freedom Network live-blogs TX state board of ed textbook standards hearing today: creationism sboe
  585. Texas State Board of Education fight over creationism in curriculum: . Last round, back story, chez moi:
  586. It's like Google didn't know any coders. No this is NOT the information I wanted. I wanted to find the 'off' switch.
  587. Is the total mass imported onto Manhattan island tectonically significant?
  588. Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #sustainability #science #blogger
  589. Is money itself a Ponzi scheme? Is there a way to fix it?
  590. Google turns up much pro- @rushkoff stuff not much anti. R argues all bank money ponzi. Brash, scaring conservatives away? Where's rebuttal?
  591. Is money itself a Ponzi scheme? Seeking counterarguments to Rushkoff's view at
  592. Being followed by fake Tim @timothingy not as good as being followed by real Tim, but cool anyway.
  593. #climatechange eternal [pdf]
  594. @david_h_roberts Like the layout, fonts, clean look. Don't think those are the right colors for you. What are you, a bank? Lose those blues.
  595. @cshirky Web CAN'T replace print function? Web CAN destroy print business? 2 camps each believed one of these, but both are true. (hth ☺)
  596. Ideas about the future of journalism:
  597. What if there had never been a Montreal Protocol on CFCs? h/t @enviroknow
  598. @BoraZ points to an excellent #scijourn item of his from a few months back
  599. RT @azaaza An infographic retelling of Little Red Ridinghood.
  600. science blogs provide a third way, neither conventional journalism of political hockey game nor blind advocacy: #scijourn
  601. Nice to see burst of interest in science journalism . Propose tag #scijourn
  602. Science is not economically important to software vendors or developers. Consequence is bad scientific software.
  603. RT @jayrosen_nyu More journalists are blogging. But skeptics ask: can a few corporate newsies *replace* what hundreds of indy bloggers do?
  604. Using journalism to argue dishonestly:
  605. 12 reasons climate change denial is still thriving:
  606. "if your firm ... bankrupt and costs taxpayers tens ... of billions of dollars, you don't get any bonuses" unclear to Wash Post www.➡.ws/ᄒ⡟
  607. "It's always important to know how much "f**k-up" slack you have in any system in which you have a role." via @pkedrosky at஁
  608. RT @WWF_Climate Climate scientists are still very worried that we don't see the urgency
  609. @BoraZ asks for feedback on ; I think it's very nice, especially the last part about science journalism. Useful too. +1
  610. @MaryAnneDavis Happy trails! Stay in touch.
  611. NYTimes headline at like saying "Dentist urges immediate oral surgery, plasma TV salesman says no hurry on dental work."
  612. great analog geek art
  613. #smfs +1 Emily Gertz editor of Straight talk : where are the lolcats of global warming. We need humor too.
  614. #smfs ayn rand ??? Give us a break. Without collective and global action we cant possibly hit the right scale
  615. Playing hooky from day job for #smfs
  616. @altepper you miss this. Friends versus Followers: Twitter’s elegant design for grouping contacts h/t @timoreilly
  617. Kunstler: skyscrapers unsustainable but Glaeser: skyscrapers green . No answer without arithmetic.
  618. #sxswbp "reverse panel" oddness on my blog: #sxsw Does Twitter alter events in real time like this regularly?
  619. @kirbiglione #sxswbp That wouldn't really account for them talking about themselves for over a half hour, would it?
  620. RT @kirkbiglione problem: differing expectations. Audience expected normal SXSW panel. Panel expected free consulting from audience. #sxswbp
  621. Book writing like driving an ammo truck; can't pull over. Shirky defends long form writing. #sxswbp
  622. #sxswbp Curate curate curate. Does that mean edit? What's the difference?
  623. metajournalism firehose h/t @BoraZ :
  624. The thing is, I like journalists. I am just jealous.
  625. RT @AlexSteffen“We have an economy where we steal the future, sell it in the present, and call it GDP" - Paul Hawken
  626. RT @jayrosen_nyu Frame:Ax-grinding, blinder-wearing, cause-supporting,...partisan silencers vs. neutral fact-finding pro reporters.Toughie.
  627. RT @bruces #sxsw "It's like the 1920s -- if you can write, produce, act, direct, you're faster, cheaper, more effective."
  628. #sxsw otoh lessig kicks butt
  629. She read post about being bored by a foot fetishist. Meta-boring. Intro said her "1-track mind" 24th most influential blog in world. {sigh}
  630. #sxsw day stage schedule turns out fictitious.went 4 "impress donors w video".got "diary of a sex fiend" blog lady.
  631. Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism...journalism will be made up of overlapping special cases.
  632. Why do the animations make this story easier to follow?
  633. www.✩.ws/whyamiat #sxswi ?
  634. @jayrosen_nyu This article of mine www.➡.ws/줵鯊 reminded someone of you. Relevant Danish clim mtg reporting www.➡.ws/㰻 & Revkin on Gore/Will
  635. How the climate debate works:
  636. RT @thingsbreak Where is the US coverage of Climate Congress: Not @ Dot Earth which has 2 pieces on Heartland fake IPCC
  637. Remember this? How media bias the climate change discourse:
  638. Eliz.Kolbert: media has contributed to the [climate] problem because it’s not the lead story of the paper every day. excellent: www.➡.ws/ḩ≡
  639. RT @jayrosen_nyu People WANT to get it. (Get it?) They devour This American Life when it explains the banking crisis.
  640. Who decides what is influential? Why should it be a service of the NYTimes? eg "Some sites excluded for technical reasons"
  641. @thingsbreak thanks. A multidimensional money idea again. (Did you ever play "Careers"?) Alas. Money wants to be one-dimensional.
  642. Dang, this #etech thing sounds good. Wish I could be there. Looking forward to sxswi though.
  643. How I became the target of the day for Fox News' Glenn Beck:
  644. RT @timoreilly : @AlexSteffen: "The poor's job is to get rich. Our job is to reinvent what rich means." Nice.
  645. Now I'm the lead story on RealClimate, and they made me young again, too!
  646. RT @carlmalamud Please join me at 12 PST on twitter for Rally for the Public Domain. Short speech plus interactive #YesWeScan h/t @mkapor
  647. Whoa, Wolfram sticks his neck out! ( h/t @dweinberger )
  648. @bruces My preference: the "Great Unwinding" already in common use. I also like Eliza Gilkyson's "Great Correction", see
  649. RT @arthursmith- my take on the Tobis - Pielke, Revkin, Morano, Beck story:
  650. RT @timoreilly Daily routines: How writers, artists, and other interesting people organize their days h/t howtoons' nick
  651. @buckyfuller tweetstream +1 . Keep it going please and thanks!
  652. Seven great quotes from Carl Sagan:
  653. RT @Tokyo_Tom Asking at MasterResource why "skeptic" scientists think it is "conservative" to down-peddle climate risks
  654. imbroglio, contretemps, the Europeans have such nice names for it
  655. Irene: "a toast to you and to things that are not obviously false". See
  656. @mariondelgado thanks for the RT from Stoat; could you point out where you found it? ... People have been very kind to me today. Thanks all!
  657. @PA32R it's serious enough but that doesn't mean it isn't funny.
  658. I am so hosed. . Totally out of context of course.
  659. @PA32R re:blogstorm. I'm pretty sure I didn't start it. I hope it isn't the end of me...
  660. Newsday paywall idea reminds me of philosophers going on strike in HHGTG: "And whom, exactly, will that inconvenience?"
  661. Excellent pop science video from Peter Sinclair, ; a good example is
  662. Arctic sea ice will probably not recover. Are we having fun yet?
  663. Retweet (wow) @statesman @Austinweather Austin hits 90, sets record
  664. No-brainer AFAIC. RT @dweinberger Ask Congress to post bills so we can read 'em:
  665. Whatever happened to pistachio ice cream?
  666. @dotearth on George Will's WaPo climate rant worse than Will's comment in the first place. Revkin knows better. My take:
  667. Discussion in fancy hoboken bistro w Paul Baer re what integrated assessment model should be once it's agreed mainstream economics is wrong
  668. doesn't seem to work right
  669. TSA confiscates > 3oz gel but smallest toothpaste at the store 4oz. Coincidence? And who gets all that extra toothpaste anyway?
  670. Aargh. Missed Leonard Cohen when in Montreal and again in NYC! Still, I saw Will Taylor do maybe the best Cohen show ever in Marble Falls TX
  671. I'm going to get a business card for my blogging identity; it opens far more doors than my scientist identity does.
  672. @boraz rocks! Great presentation at Columbia re open science.
  673. Waiting an extra 3 hrs at austin airport due to weather in nj; seems like a week
  674. RT @dweinberger Oppose the killing of the NIH open access provisions? Contact Congresscritters: Now is the time!
  675. RT @algore (!) Check out Daily Climate
  676. RT @hausfath The economic consensus on climate change?
  677. Don't define yourself. The more labels you have for yourself, the dumber they make you. Paul Graham explains:
  678. That certain #austin je-ne-sais-quoi:
  679. (Yet another @timoreilly retweet; maybe I should have a bot just echo him.) Anyway .
  680. FDA approves new depressant (Flash video):
  681. auspicious weekend; darwin & lincoln's 200th; 1234567890 day ; moon in 7th house, jupiter aligned w mars
  682. RT @timoreilly : Japanese official: I thought America had studied Japan’s failures. Why is it making the same mistakes?
  683. RT @plos : Help stop the reversal of the NIH public access mandate.
  684. dorkbot 19 tonight in #austin
  685. There may be a bunch of 5H1TP1LE5, but there's only one FAN.
  686. @larrybrilliant : wood is a biofuel; harvested sustainably would be C neutral. 300 Kg wood vs US per cap*yr 6 tons fossil C = no big deal
  687. if you prefer, Python: Elegance taming complexity.
  688. "Elegance tames complexity"
  689. @dweinberger: your tinyurl fails. Fourier transform an audio signal and get back an amplitude for each pure tone; no information is lost.
  690. @rljacob what are you proposing to do?
  691. "The ethic of the link" (Jay Rosen) h/t @BoraZ .
  692. Douglas Rushkoff's brilliant mass-media-centric analysis of society's growth addiction & why its crumbling now:
  693. This "nearbytweets" thing has turned out useful on the first try:
  694. ++ The ironic backwardness of science:
  695. @mariondelgado on another topic do you have a link to that RFK speech, or at least some keywords? Interested.
  696. Irene: "Information wants to be wrong."
  697. RT @ianbicking Activist (or know one)? Fill out this survey please; maybe (he will) get to work on what you describe:
  698. RT @altepper and @ooffoo Is reuse good for the economy? vote & discuss: - please RT & spread the ooffoo love
  699. This is not a "recession". Further evidence: an argument in favor of "red Toryism": (h/t Bruno)
  700. @jfleck an elephant story for you here:
  701. @altepper I don't think #reuse contributes to GDP compared to waste: ; more evidence GDP counts the wrong thing
  702. I know people are looking for inspiration or chuckles, but I wish you knew about this bad news w/o my help:
  703. Struggling with Canadian passport regulations. Never was very comfortable with authorities asking for "papers" for some reason.
  704. @mariondelgado What I mean by "linear programming" = what economists do: . No relationship with Civ games or Python afaik.
  705. Better late than never, learning to use SIGALRM and SIGINT from C & Python. And how long have I not known about the "commands" module?
  706. oops s/\//\/\// if you know what I mean.
  707. Sharing vs growth macroeconomics blogged on "In It" : . H/T @timoreilly and http:/
  708. @rljacob Welcome to twitter, where character counts but characters count.
  709. @StatesmanEDU
  710. @StatesmanEDU don't miss the nytimes story. It's national news like I said
  711. preparing to meet supervisee; a CS grad student from India
  712. finally found a Statesman story no thanks to the search box. H/T TFN. Schafersman misquoted? Else no great ally.
  713. @StatesmanEDU Texas Freedom Network says Sen. Ellis filed bill stripping the SBOE of authority re: curriculum. Status?
  714. @StatesmanEDU My blogs on the subject:
  715. @StatesmanEDU Absolutely, front page stuff. If creationists win this will be a national story. Look into the similar Kansas story.
  716. @statesmanEDU various circles I move in are quite worked up about this story. It needs to be front page stuff.
  717. @statesmanEDU thanks! Do you want followers? I have been blogging about the SBOE thing and can mention you.
  718. quote from last night's party: "now, kids, gather up some sticks and we'll make an effigy of Dick Cheney that we can throw on the fire, OK?"
  719. @davewiner if extraterrestrials are your rebuttal to religion, you're not done. life may be very rare in the universe:
  720. Is there a reasonably clear and complete guide to handling multiple #python instances (major versions) on one machine? Anyone?
  721. Answers for problems we don't have:
  722. @jfleck in re elephant problem; micropayments. If there us no "paper" in Seattle people will pay a dime for news.
  723. Having a burst of creativity, thanks to Microsoft (TM) brand software:
  724. -3F in Chicago now, expected high -1F. As good a time as any to make an Al Gore joke if you've got one. So:
  725. To the law, its hard to tell science from centuries-old fairy tales intended to keep kids safe indoors at night.
  726. finding words and music to "Texas, Our Texas"
  727. Science isn't cool anymore. We need to rethink our PR.
  728. See that tiny "warning" there? Don't sign in to fake from a "DM" = direct message. Slashdot has more:
  729. the Hourieh book says "maxlength", django says "max_length", let's call the whole thing off...
  730. : How many books should a person keep? I have cut back but there are still about 150 shelf-feet not counting comix.
  731. bureaucratic overhead
  732. @BoraZ count me in:
  733. more comparative computer languages:
  734. @jfleck peer reviewed papers add no value; they simply certify that people see value in the work. Real communication of results is personal.
  735. Wondering how many other people actually got a match twixt code language and religion:
  736. @PA32R I welcome raves or counter-rants
  737. Trying to get sphinx + matplotlib math notation working.
  738. See then google "global warming consensus" = Scary. Discussion?
  739. $1.39; Shell station on S. Lamar.
  740. Bushies still hiring GOP hacks to manage real scientists:
  741. selling my pittance of a position. cash is king.
  742. graham cracker crust
  743. paying flood insurance... FEMA reviews its flood plains; suddenly puts my house in 100 yr zone house across street not in 500 yr zone ouch.
  744. Slide show on home page at is very moving. See it while you can.
  745. losing my mind... must have put it around here someplace...
  746. My wishing real hard has moved Texas out of the hopeless category. My work is done...
  747. Not about to waste too much time today; I feel that all my pointless fretting about the election over the last 2 weeks hasn't been in vain.
  748. hey John
  749. Texas is pink!
  750. being too old for this sort of thing

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