Friday, July 16, 2010

Enclave within Enclave within Enclave

1/51 is bit of India entirely within a bit of Bangladesh that is entirely within a bit of India that is entirely within Bangladesh. (Scale is km)

Here's a photo of the most recursive boundary on earth:

Here is another enclave within an enclave, but this one not within yet another enclave; there are several of those in the region.

The whole border in that neighborhood is almost fractal, as if some of those jute plants were divided into Muslim leaves and Hindu leaves.

I suppose it's less brutal than the simpler partition that occurred elsewhere. It appears that the enclaves and sub-enclaves are having trouble getting services. Imagine that. Also, in some places the borders are actually enforced with fences and gates and all, while in others they are ignored.

The whole story is here.

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rqsall said...

If you're interested: a similar enclave-within-enclave situation exists in The Netherlands / Belgium Check out the link from the wiki page: and click on the maps.