Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Easy yummy cross cultural snack

Black forest ham sliced thin (not shaved though).
Cream cheese. (Philly or such. Plain, no pineapples or chives or nothin.)
Flour tortilla, as Tex-Mex as possible. HEB brand or El Milagro will do nicely. Regular size (a bit bigger than a ham slice).

Apply about 1.5 tbsp cream cheese to one thin ham slice.

Warm a tortilla in a dry nonstick pan on medium-high until just starting to toast on one side. Flip and apply ham cheese side up. Brown second side lightly. Fold in half and press flat with a spatula. Heat to taste a few seconds more. The tortilla should be hot, the ham should be warm, the cream cheese should be soft but not totally melted.

Prep time about a minute. The NAFTA special. Yummm...

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