Friday, May 04, 2007

not a shred

In my weekly reminder from Robert Park that I have wasted another week of my sorry life, typically filled with sad but interesting news on the frontier between science and politics, I see the following:

Last month’s 5-4 decision upholding a ban on partial birth abortion
ensured that the composition of the court will be an issue in the coming
election. The awkward fact is that all five justices in the majority are
Catholic. Stem cell research draws similar religious opposition from the
Catholic Church and fundamentalists. It’s based on the magical belief
that a soul is assigned to the zygote at conception. The zygote is
certainly alive, with its own unique DNA, but that’s true of a bacterium.
Based on a Genesis passage in which God breathes life into Adam, Jews and
liberal Christians usually argue that the soul arrives when the newborn
draws its first breath. However, there is not shred of evidence that
a “soul” even exists, and it certainly has no place in science or law.

So I'm in total agreement with all of it, except for the one howler. Can you spot it?

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