Sunday, May 20, 2007

Speakeasy [Updated]

Update: Amazingly, Speakeasy responded to my complaint before I got around to making it.

Specifically, they found this blog entry, apologized profusely, and informed me that they owe me 93 dollars! I never even placed the call!

I like them again. It really is a shame I had to fall back to cable in Austin.

Apparently they seem to think I'm just too far from the switch or something, though that really doesn't explain the intermittency of the problems I was having.

The resolution of this particular billing SNAFU is impressive. I hope it sticks; I've had fiascos with both AT&T and SBC go on for many months, but I've never had them seeking me out.


I liked them a lot in Chicago.

After weeks of fussing they completely failed to get me set in in Austin, so I cancelled. They refunded and swore they would not keep billing me.

Guess what? They are still billing me.

I have had enough exasperating runarounds with incompetent billing offices at phone companies that I intend to keep a log. Speakeasy never disappointed me in the past, but they sure as hell are disappointing me now. Stay tuned.


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